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Space Planning For Your Interior

Space planning may be the most important aspect of the interior design process to consider. In order to create a space which is fully functional and meets the requirements of the people using it, some core principles apply.   Zoning:This involves dividing the space into different zones to satisfy specific functions. For example, a dining area within an open plan kitchen/living space. In this way the purpose of each area is clearly defined. Flooring, furniture arrangements, colours and rugs are all useful ways to distinguish one zone from another.    Focal Points:Focal points guide movement within a space. It is the most outstanding feature within a room to which the eye is immediately drawn. This could be a fireplace, or...

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Are You Ready For Your Holiday Guests? Our Designers Discuss How To Make Your Guests Feel At Home For The Holidays.

Choose the right bed There's nothing more inviting to a guest than a comfortable bed. This is the place where we go to relax, unwind, and recharge. Of course, this is not a one size fits all, as you must take in to account the necessities of your particular guests. Having uncoupled guests or kids?..opt for multiple twin beds. Couples are more likely to appreciate a king or queen sized bed. If you are going for more versatility and group seating spaces paired with comfort, choose a daybed.  Buy a new mattress It can be big a break in routine to sleep in a different bed than your usual. Happy guests usually begin with a good night's sleep. What better way to...

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